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Richard's complaint against Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Richard Jones


Enterprise not taking responsibility for an accident even though I paid to be on their insurance.

Complaint against Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Dec 2015 - My vehicle gets damaged by somebody and goes in for repair under their insurance, so they provide me with a courtesy car, from Enterprise, on collecting the car I was asked did I want to insure the vehicle on my own insurance or pay a fee (approx. £50.00) for the vehicle to be hired on their (enterprise's) insurance, I opt to pay the fee and it's explained to me that it's fully comprehensive insurance......... at very least, peace of mind I think. Whilst having this vehicle on hire I was involved in a small accident, to which I was to blame (I stupidly reversed into another car) and I notified Enterprise immediately. I was told over the phone that I had nothing to worry about, I was on their insurance and any 3rd party damage was all covered........ phew! On returning the car I had to pay an insurance excess for the damage, fine, that was ok, it was all explained to me when collecting the car and was expected, so I paid. A few weeks later I receive a letter from Enterprise requesting me to acknowledge the incident to my own insurance as they had sent a claim to my insurers and they wouldn't pay out on the claim until I had acknowledged it with them, I phoned Enterprise and asked 1) Where did they get the details of my insurers from as at no point at all had I given them ANY of my own insurance details, and 2) Why were they wanting to claim off my insurance when I'd paid to go on their own insurance and had also paid the excess fee to them. It was explained to me that it was a big mistake, I should never have received the letter and she could see I had paid to be covered, apologised and explained that it would all be sorted and I wouldn't hear from them again........ Fast forward approx. 3mths......... and I receive a letter from a 'claims company' representing the insurers of the 3rd party of whose car I damaged, claiming that they had contacted my insurers and my insurers had acknowledged the claim, the letter requested that I authorise my insurers to pay out on the claim or otherwise I could face court/legal action. I checked with my insurers and they have never received any claim, and to this date, never have! Since then I've received many letters and I've made many, many a phone call, to Enterprise and this 'claims company' explaining the situation but keep hitting a brick wall, Enterprise claimed the vehicle was hired on my own insurance. When I said I could prove that I paid the fee and the excess to them they then claimed the hired vehicle was covered but not any 3rd parties, I've asked for a copy of my signed hire contract which they have sent but refuse to send me a copy of their T&C's/small print. When I spoke to the 'claims company' they explained to me that they had sent 14 letters to Enterprise's insurers and due to the fact they had not been acknowledged/acted on they were now chasing me for the claim and if I didn't sort it with my own insurance or pay the claim myself there would be court/legal action to follow, ''It's just how it works'' was how it was explained to me! (I didn't want to put the hired vehicle on my own insurance as I'm not covered to drive other vehicles on my policy, so therefore my insurance are never going to pay out on the claim). This has now escalated to a point where I have spent up to 4hrs on the phone at any one time trying to resolve this and has contributed to me having time off work due to stress! Latest is this: - Friday 14 oct I receive a 'court claim' against me, with 14 days to respond, I've spoke to a solicitor for advice and basically if a solicitor puts a defence in for me it would out cost the claim amount, (£2500), and even if the court favours with me then I won't be able to claim my costs anyway. I've resided in that fact that I can't win this, and it's going to cost me £2500, it's money that I cant afford but just really shows another example of a big company taking your money but then not taking the responsibitly and having the attidude of, 'well if you think you can afford to take us on and fight us then carry on', knowing full well the 'average Joe' can't afford to do that! I do apologise for the long email, I've tried to keep it short and there is so much more that I haven't covered/explained, but just wanted to let you know of my experience, it just angers me when I see that I've paid my fee, and now I've got to pay out again....... I haven't got a good word to say about Enterprise! I just feel like it's daylight robbery!

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