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Mr's complaint against Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Mr Rankin


The great Wheel con!

Complaint against Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Turned up at Enterprise at Edinburgh Airport to collect my hire car and was offered an upgrade. I accepted this and was asked to check the car for any damages. I did a quick check as the car was under a canopy cover and the way the car was parked it was very difficult to check as the space was very tight. When I returned the car on Sunday. It was checked in a very open space so as to be inspected by the members of staff easily and I was informed that a tire was damaged. upon inspection it I noticed a half an inch tear right along the wheel trim. This would only have been noticed by someone who knows what they're looking for. I was then escorted to the office and told the wheel needed replaced and was handed a bill of £300.00 - I was completely shocked and very angry. I pleaded my innocence and was told it needed replaced and I asked how this come have happened and I was informed it could of been a result of going over a pothole. Come on. The trim clearly had no sign of damage and a pot hole wouldn't have caused this. He then agreed to reduce this to £200.00. I asked for proof that this car was checked off before I was handed the keys. The staff member produced a daily branch VSA Log and I noticed it was indeed checked off. He also pointed out that at times cars are not checked off correctly and when a second check is carried out new damages are recorded. So this shows things get missed. I've been left very disappointed with Enterprise. I wasn't informed when I took receipt of the car that I had to check the wheels as well. I've hired several cars over the years and I have always been a careful driver. I'd like a response from Enterprise before I take this forward further, because I believe this was already damaged prior to receiving the keys and I don't believe a tire can cost £200.

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