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Keith's complaint against Land Rover

Keith Redguard


Not given security advice at point of purchase

Complaint against Land Rover

I searched countrywide for the car of my dreams which i eventually found in Yeovil, which is over 2 hours away from my home. But it was worth the distance to purchase my Range Rover Sport Autobiography in Feb 2017. As part of the sales patter I was told about the excellent security features; being keyless so making it more difficult to steal but had the back up of a tracker in the event it was stolen. Just over 12 months later I witnessed my car being stolen off my drive by 2 masked men, taking them less than 1 minute to drive away. Revisiting this on my CCTV I can see they had an iPad type device that they were scanning at the front door and within seconds my vehicle opened and they drove off. It is only since this happening and speaking to the Police have I realised that keyless vehicles such as mine are very susceptible to this type of high tech crime and that no matter where my keys were In my house their computer would of picked up the data and enabled them to steal my car. The Police asked had I been told to put my keys in a security pouch or metal tin when I bought my vehicle. The answer was obviously no. I was stunned to hear how easy and how common this was, they told me a car similar to mine was stolen a few hours earlier less than 3 miles away from me. However, to my complaint; Yeovil Range Rover did not give me any additional security advice at the point of sale. I have been totally oblivious to this type of crime and natural feel very angry that I was not advised to put my keys in a key security pouch. As i was waiting for the Police to arrive i got my daughter to log onto my tracker App, but it was showing that my vehicle was still parked at my home address so i called Range Rover Assist immediately for advice. They said there was nothing they could do and I should phone the Police, which we had already done. At the time i thought that was who I needed to phone re:my tracker as it was the only number i had at hand. I'd obviously phoned the wrong people in my panic whilst waiting for the Police but they offered no advice, not even a telephone number of the correct people. So I was left puzzled as what I should do. The Police arrived, and were asking me about the tracker company and i told them that i'd called the only number i have and they said it wasnt them. The Police were making their own enquiries to see if they could find out who to contact. About 20 minutes later i received a call from the tracker company asking me if I was driving the vehicle to which I replied no. They said they believe the tracker has been tampered with. The Police were still with me and spoke directly with the tracker company. They could not give the Police the exact name of the road that the vehicle was last tracked too, only the name of the main roads. So whilst on the phone to them we got up Google maps to try an identify the exact name of the road that the car was last located. I feel that I have been failed by Yeovil Range Rover at point of sale for lack of security advice, and lack of advice of who to phone or contact details for tracker company in the event of a robbery. I have since gone through all my car documents and there is no information about the tracker company. I feel failed by Range Rover Assist for not having the necessary information available to sign post customers to the Tracker Company. I can't be the first customer to have phoned them by mistake. I feel failed by tracker company that it took them 20 minutes or so to realise my car had been stolen and even then they could not give me the exact name of the road my vehicle had stopped on. The Police and my wife had to work that out from Google Maps so what mapping system are they using? I also feel failed by the manufacturer for installing the tracker in an easy to access place, a position within the vehicle that the thieves can easily get to and disable. I also feel all parties have failed in their duty of care to their customers, they should update customers of any security measures that they can take to protect their vehicles. Since the event I have spoken to a number of people who work for Land Rover about what happened and they are very familiar with this type of crime, it's nothing new but won't publicise it because of the effect on sales. I feel robbed not just by the thieves but by Land Rover the manufacturer, Yeovil Range Rover the sales agent, Range Rover Assist and the Tracker company.

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