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Philip John's complaint against Audi

Philip John Williams


Auidi A5 problems come to light on BBC WATCHDOG

Complaint against Audi

Purchased Audi A5 within first month put 3 litres of oil in vehicle(paid For) problems then continued,put over 160ltrs of oil into vehicle over the next 2yrs,Cardiff Audi did not beleive there was a problem and they continued to brush me off. I called to the branch over 20 times during this period and it became very embarrasing when they always sent the "New Girl " to deal with me.They did eventually change the pistons but this did not solve the problem it did continue.I even tried to take it to another dealer but it seemed to be a closed shop as I thought that no other dealer would look at it, but the real reason was that there were major problems in America with this vehicle and they knew about this and that is why they would not get involved. I lost so much time and money going back and forth with my vehicle and also with the amount of oil I added,I lost total confidence with Cardiff Audi and the car of my dreams that I became ill with all the worry and also the impact it had on my business financially , it left me with no alternative and agree a financial arrangement with the finance house to release me from the final year of the agreement. It was only after my accountant read a article about a person in the Essex area who experianced the same problems as myself , also later the BBC programme WATCHDOG brought to the attention of the British public of what had gone on in America and that they had taken full responsibilty of the situation and also stated that Audi UK had kept it under wraps and were not taking no responsibility what so ever . I even started beleiving it was all my fault, so now I feel I have been vindicated and feel confident enough to possible have a go at going for compensation against both Audi Cardiff and Audi UK.

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