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Nasir's complaint against Audi

Nasir khan



Complaint against Audi

I have an Audi A5 2011, I bought this car as a used car. I bought the tdi Quattro Sportback version, great to look at, not a bad ride and the respectable VW name, which some would say represents the gold standard in terms of car manufacturers and performance in the world. As I was looking to sell the car due to the VW EA981 emissions scandal, I have had offers which.. let's be frank,ridiculous. They are way below the market value. I understand VW are going to spend money to rectify the emissions problem with my car however I am extremely disappointed they haven't took responsibility and extended a hand to compensate the owners of these cars for the devaluation of a car that is not due to the age or use of the car but due to factors that an owner has no control over; The reputation due to the gross misconduct of VW. I will fight this further and I hope VW have the heart to not it get to that stage.

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