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Clement's complaint against Ford

Clement Okusi


Worse customer service ever received from a garage

Complaint against Ford

1. Took vehicle in for routine service in the morning, told I would be called same day re: progress. No one called me EVER to inform me on the progress of our vehicle. 2. As a result I called their reception at least 7 times and was placed on hold for up to six mins on two occasions. 3. As a result we were unable to collect our vehicle in time and had to attend the following day. 4. Upon arrival found out that there were some minor works required (rear wiper blades) but no one called to ask us if we wanted the work carried out (which we did!). 5. We asked for this work to be done, whilst we waited. Dees checked parts were in stock & agreed to do work whilst we waited, then came back to us to say they had made a mistake & the parts were out of stock. 6. When pointed out that this was the third employee of Dees that had let us down, the response was "all 3 members of staff have only been here for about a month". 7. Had to take 3 Ubers, so far. 8. Complained to regional manager who flippantly told me to complain to the Sun newspaper. Secondary complaints. 1. Site is terribly laid out, ugly and unattractive. Have you not visited Coulsdon Audi, Mercedes Croydon & Harwoods Landrover? 2. Unclear where customers should park! Also unclear as to how customers should get to reception from car park. 3. Reception is in the far right hand corner (almost furthest place away from the front doors??). 4. Reception then directed me to the service desk which were on the far left hand side (wheres the signage?). It would have been easier for me to walk to the service desk first. 5. Staff constantly getting their colleauges names Gemma & Emma mixed up with each other. 6. Staff playing computer games, whilst I was trying to get customer satisfaction.

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