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Mukesh's complaint against Honda

Mukesh Kurani


Honda civic Hybrid IMA battery Problem

Complaint against Honda

I have 10 years old Honda Civic Hybrid 1.3 Manuel vehicle UK registration no.LC54ZPE VIN no. JHMES 95604S201882 Engine no. LDA 3501891 variant e6*2001/116*0095*01 Category M1. It was drive well until January 2016.I went on holiday for 4 week so it was not in use as no other can drive it and after coming back ,I try to start the vehicle,it starts but I could not move the vehicle because the booster battery was down and all warring sign such as IMA battery,Engine malfunction and ABS come up,also the steering wheel was become very hard. I change 12 volt battery but it was not enough as the back battery didn't give any power to the engine. What is the problem?why I can't run the vehicle?Why back battery not charging?How come it will be recharged?why Honda did not make any solution for this. It is normal to go on holiday for 4 week and you can not pass the vehicle to some one to drive as a safety,security and insurance reason. I found out that there is not any alternator in this vehicle which recharge my 12 volt battery Why? I contact nearest Honda dealer (Crown Honda,Hyde,Hendon,London UK) Receptionist transfer me to service team but they were busy so I put massage with my name and contact number as per recorded massage inform me to do and was told that some one will contact me soon,but no one reply within 24 hours!! so I called them again this time some one reply and told me that it is normal that after 4 week the battery not response!! How come?Instead giving me any solution or help he transferred me to parts department and I find out that the New IMA battery cost £2100!! I do not wants to install new IMA battery and I wants help to restart my vehicle and it should start and Honda should help me out.Honda is a reputed brand and we trust them how come they made such trouble vehicle hybrid booster battery which shut down within 4 week. Why there is not any solution it recharged it manually|? Why no alternator fitted in the vehicle? Hybrid engine's meaning is works both petrol and electric,It dose means only electric,so my complaints is that Honda motor company cheats the customer and they should resolve this problem with out fail and without any charges.

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