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eambarrington's complaint against Honda



Two front seat air bags went off in my Honda unprovoked as I was driving under 40 mph on a motorway.

Complaint against Honda

When I telephoned Honda and asked the Bristol Honda, I live there, to look at the car they refused. I eventually got the name of the managing director of Honda UK, who had been fobbing me off for ages, and he responded to my letter saying that the car would be collected and left at Honda Bristol for testing. A woman was assigned to me and the car was kept for 4 months. They said they were testing it and they even sent me a hamper by way of a present. I said that I hoped this was a sign of positive things to come. However nothing really happened after that, Honda Bristol still have the car and want me to pick it up. You might be interested to hear that a week after the incident I heard on the local radio that many Hondas had been withdrawn due to air bag problems at the time. nearby in Swindon, but when I said this to Honda I was told it was a different thing as those withdrawn Hondas were older than mine! I would never have bothered to continue with this had I not felt that this was Honda's fault. I feel I have just been dismissed and that the car has not been carefully looked at. They thought I might just go away.............. Honda have an appalling attitude towards clients and I wonder whether other drivers have had problems with self serving Honda and with air bags going off for no reason.

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