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Rachel walker


Faulty car, poor service

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I bought a car from a main dealer which I thought meant I would get a better customer service & a more reliable car. It was a 2nd hand but newish car do thought there would be no problems. As soon as I got home the passenger window didn't work. I rang them & had to book it back in to be fixed. Within a week the keys (which I was told recharged themselves when in the car with the engine running) were dead & had to get new batteries. After that the clutch went & I was stuck on a B road with no hard shoulder for the AA to arrive, they arrived & towed the car to my work, at this point I was furious anyway & then tonne told that Trust Ford Plaistow wouldn't take my car as they were "too busy" & would be about a 3 week wait. Trust Ford Eltham wouldn't be able to book me in for over a week & a half & luckily Trust Ford in Strood took the car straight away & even got my car back within a week but I had no car & had a child to get to & from nursery & a job to get to. But grateful that Strood helped me so efficiently. A few months after this the engine started to sound very ropey & I rang again & was advised that that it was a diesel & I was probably just used to a petrol car & so to wait to see if the noise got worse. Again, another couple of months later & the whilst parked outside my home the handbrake broke & the car rolled back into a wall & scratched down the near side of the car quite badly. It was approaching a year & would need to get the car MOT'd & knew it wouldn't pass without a working handbrake so I rang again & they couldn't book me in until after the MOT & tax expired. I also had a holiday booked where we were driving to Exeter. After complaining & chasing I managed to get the car booked in & got a Fiesta courtesy car, I waited 9 days to get my car back & only got it back the day before my holiday. They told me I could take the car on holiday but it was a 1litre Fiesta & we had a young child & we wouldn't have fit all of our belongings in the boot so that was not an option. In the end they offered me another car, but the car was more expensive so I had to refinance a higher amount & start a new 36 month agreement, basically I had paid £3000 for a car that was a constant issue & didn't have (as was in the garage) for about 8 weeks during the year. The customer service was absolutely appalling & once they had sold the car wasn't bothered about the issues I had, the first car caused nothing but problems & the 2nd car was an inferior model & for more money. I felt absolutely swindled out of my money. We have paid the finance off now & want to sell the car & get a Vauxhall back but if we sell it now we would lose money. Absolute horroble situation to be in, wished I'd never bought the car.

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