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Cristina's complaint against Big Motoring World

Cristina Dima


Worst experience

Complaint against Big Motoring World

I went with my husband to buy a car , the sale experience was really nice , everbody was nice to the point we had to pick up the car wich was actually unfunctional and we could not leave with it , we paid 6000£ deposit, 595£ insurance (they told us to come with the insurance ready) and 100£ to travel at the location ,and left empy handed and with or money taken , the sales manager , a really unprofessional person ask me if i know that the car is second hand not a new one and refus to pay us back ur lose as the sale assistant promise us.we still have not received not even our deposit and they don’t want to take responsibility for ur money lost with travel and insurance , thinking back they know exactly that the car had a major multination and they got us in the point were they thought we would not be able to refuse the transaction, the sales manager was telling the sales assistant on the phone what to tell us , something that even her decided its to much and refuse polite to pass the message to us.we have no documents from them that they cancelled the transaction .This is the worse experience i have ever lived, they say they are the best car dealer of 2018 but i had the worse experience of my live with them

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