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Muhammad's complaint against Nissan

Muhammad Ismail


Complaint about faulty new vehicle bought from Nissan Westway

Complaint against Nissan

I am writing to express my frustrations with a recent experience I had with Nissan. I found the vehicle has the following fault: Engine fault, therefore, the good supplied as part of the contract are not of satisfactory quality. I noticed the fault straight after purchasing the vehicle and reported to the dealership but unfortunately they didn’t take me seriously and their advice was to drive the car little bit more so I could get used to it. I took their advice and have driven the car for few more weeks but realised the problem is only getting worse so I returned the car to dealership and notified him fault. After kept taking back the vehicle to the dealer for more inspection each time the problem reappear. I finally received a phone call from dealership saying that they have to replace the whole engine because they found a big fault but the dealer couldn’t be able to rectify the problem to my satisfaction. Having given it a great deal of thought and taking into consideration the above mentioned predicament i told them I’ve had with this car and all its complications along with the inconvenience of replacing the engine. I wrote to Nissan customer services department to complain about the issue and the dealership. I requested to replace the car since something as significant as engine failure occurred within 1st year of purchasing the car. Nissan gave me a call to refuse my request and failed to put it in write. Since the engine of the car being replace the problem reappear again and i took back the car to the dealership twice so far. I feel so frustrated with them. Many Thanks

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Muhammad Ismail | | VERIFIED

I feel so frustrated with them and fed up
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