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Matthew's complaint against Nissan



Nissan D40 Navara Chassis rust caused fuel tank to fall off

Complaint against Nissan

Whilst driving on the M62 heading home from my first anniversary holiday, I stopped at services and noticed that there was something hanging off under my vehicle. On closer inspection I found that this was the strap that holds the fuel tank on! The fuel tank was left being held up by a flimsy plastic pipe from the fuel filler! If that plastic pipe had snapped or the jubilee clip had come off, the accident it caused would have been horrific. Once I could get under the vehicle to find out what was broke, I found that it was a section of chassis that thew strap hooks into that had corroded away allowing the strap to fall out. The whole chassis was protected by underseal but this bit was impossible to get as it had corroded from the inside out. I contacted nissan, as the vehicle has a 12yr corrosion warrenty (it is 9yrs old at the moment). After they inspected it they said that because the vehicle had not had periodic inspections throughout its life, it was not covered! I had only bought the vehicle 5months prior so any inspections required before then are out of my control. I inspected the underside myself when buying it and saw that it was fully undersealed. Yet the corrosion was happening inside the chassis. I see from 'aspokesmansaid' that EXACTLY the same thing happened just a couple of months back and that owner got the same response. I am a member on and there are numerous cases of people suffering from corroded chassis'. A lot of vehicles have had to be scrapped because of this problem. That should NOT be the case on a 9yr old vehicle that has a 12yr warrenty! Nissan deny any knowledge of having any other complaints about any issues with chassis corrosion. Which is clearly not true. There are a lot! Nissan Austrailia recalled 40,000 Navaras due to cracks developing in the chassis, this clearly shows a problem with materials used, processes used or even both! Nissan needs to take ownership of this problem and get it sorted before there is a big accident.

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Christian Cox | | VERIFIED

I have a 55 plate nissan navara and was just advised to contact nissan tomorrow as the back is coming off the front because of the rusted chassis
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