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kilbride sand & gravel's complaint against Nissan

kilbride sand & gravel Ltd.


Nissan Nivara Chassis broke

Complaint against Nissan

Company vehicle 2007 - had chassis problems which eventually led to it breaking! We are in ireland but the vehicle was an import and so nissan ireland will not honour the compensation deal they have running for the 2006/2007 nivara's which report this problem. We are stuck between a rock and a hard place as we have been advised by nissan UK to hold onto the vehicle until uk have finished their investigations on the problem with chassis 2007/2006 however we are a small business down a vehicle and not able to trade in to get another and we cant afford to just buy another and have this idle. Nissan ireland have viewed the jeep and taken a report and photos of the chassis, but chances are they will wash their hands of it as it is an import from uk. Meanwhile we still have a problem! not sure what more we can do

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