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Patricia's complaint against Do You Spain

Patricia Azzopardi


Charged for damages to car that were already present

Complaint against Do You Spain

Hired a car in Tenerife via Do You Spain, with the subsidiary company Orlando rent a car in November 2019 Upon picking up car, they tried to push me into purchasing their own insurance policy. However, as I rent car abroad at least 3 times a year, I have my own annual holiday car rental policy I was then told that instead of putting a ‘hold’ of 900 euros, their policy was to take the full payment and refund this amount upon satisfactory return of the car. When I asked for a printout of any bumps, scratches etc to my car, I was told that ‘this was not their policy’, as anyone could alter the printout? So, I took very comprehensive photos of any damage present before I left with the car. When returning the said car, the assistant checked the fuel had been replaced and gave it a quick once over. He said everything was ok, and that my monies would be refunded within a day or two. HOWEVER, a few days laterI received an email in Spanish stating that I had caused 373 euros worth of damage and this would be deducted. When I contested this and said the money had been taken under protest, I was told to contact my personal insurance and claim this amount back They supplied photos of the “supposed” damage, and they tied in exactly with the photos that I had taken on collection of the vehicle. I have complained directly to Orlando car rental and also to Do You Spain but I have still not received my monies (or indeed an apology for this extremely dishonest tactic!) It is almost 3 months now that they have kept my money! Please can you help?

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