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Complaint against Peter Vardy

My wife had recently brought her 2003 Vauxhall corsa at Aberdeen showroom(Lang Stracht) to fix her car radio since it was not working. After keeping the car for more than an hour they said that they couldn't fix it since they don't have the code for the radio. My wife was told to pay hefty bill of £138 with zero result. When she came back at home she looked for the code and she found it on one of the Vauxhall instruction manual. She phoned back at the Vauxhall service centre saying that she has found the code. They were least interested to entertain her and they replied saying that the car is too old and they cannot fix the radio. The next day my wife took the car at Aberdeen autoelectricals, they fixed the problem in mere 5 minutes. Both me and my wife felt so cheated and they were not even ashamed of charging such a hefty bill(£138) without sorting the problem. I must say they literally perform loot for the sake of service. Extremely disappointed with the service.

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