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Dad's complaint against Peter Vardy

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[RESOLVED] - Appalling customer service

Complaint against Peter Vardy

My daughter recently purchased a 2013 Astra estate from Peter Vardy in Motherwell, for which she also took out an extended warranty. The first surprise was that, in order to buy the car, she essentially had to pay them for the privilege, as they charged over £200 in Admin Fees. i would expect this to be already included in the price of the car. Initially she was very satisfied with the car however after a few weeks it developed a fault in the auto gearbox, where it was hanging in 1st gear. Having three young kids this is a major safety concern for her. Myself, my wife and my son all drove and confirmed the fault. It was taken to Peter Vardy, who initially rejected the fault, saying car was fine. My daughter requested a refund under the terms of the sale, which could be requested within 30 days. They pushed back and although they said the car was fine, they offered to take the car to an independent auto gearbox specialist and extend the warranty free of charge for a further year (for a car that allegedly had nothing wrong with it). The specialist identified a fault in the valve block - despite Peter Vardy saying there was nothing wrong. Again my daughter asked for a refund and this time they offered to provide a substitute vehicle. She has just been to see it at their Hillington branch, where they were extemely aggressive and rude to my daughter and my son, and, having paid all the admin and warranty fees once, they are now trying to load it up again on this vehicle - despite all the issues being their fault and that they had sold a defective vehicle. It is for everyone to decide for themselves, however this is not what I consider to be service or customer focus and we as a family shall certainly not be using this dealership again.

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Peter Vardy resolved this complaint

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Peter Vardy finally relented and gave her the money back.

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