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Lee's complaint against Peter Vardy

Lee Falkiner


Disappointing Sale at Peter Vardy Vauxhall Edinburgh

Complaint against Peter Vardy

I purchased a Mercedes C- Class Hybrid, in Sept 2019. When I picked up the car it came without a 3 pin Charging cable for the home. I flagged this up to the sales Rep at the time and they told me that they would look it to it. After many phone calls and e-mails and over 3 months later I was told that they were not will to supply a cable for the car. Now, I have to buy a cable at over £200 (second hand). During the 3 months the car has costed more in fuel than i had excepted due to not being able to plug the car in and use the electric motors. Very poor customer service, and string you along and hope you go away. Also, the paint protection care pack has not arrived. I will not be buying a car from Edinburgh Vauxhall again.

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Joanne Garry | | VERIFIED

Funny that I bought a merc c class and the clutch And flywheel is needing replaced as advicef by merc and still waiting to see if vardy Edinburgh is doing this been without a car for 5 days and maybe an other 3 to 4 days. Only had owned the car 13 days. I am always waiting on promised call backs which never happen. Disgusting customer service
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