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Gokhan 's complaint against Peter Vardy

Gokhan YIGIT


I try to buy an used car from peter vardy Kirkcaldy but car is faulty, dangerous for my life.

Complaint against Peter Vardy

Hello. I have to many to say. I’m gonna go ahead with ‘this problem . I get an used car from Peter Vardy Kirkcaldy. Car was with problem, they say gonna be fixed, I go after 3 days to get the car all the problems with this car no fixed, scratches all around, stream wheel heavy, boot missing part, and left rear wheel hot. I give back the car after 30-40 min. After that I told them I can’t get this car because is a danger on the road. They told me the mecanic made mistake and put the wrong oil in the stream wheel system. I said I refuse to get this car because I buy for someone with no driving experience and she can’t drive a faulty car. So when I finish work around 2 am I found the car at home on the drive way and key on letter box. I checked the car in the morning, some scratches on the car, I drove but they don’t fix nothing. Boot parts missing , stream wheel heavy turning and the worse things back wheel very hot, smoke coming. They pu my life in danger. They sent me on the road risking my life . I get this car for a girl with no experience for driving, what I suppose to do, to kill my family because they push me to get this car? This car is faulty, can’t go on the road , is a danger for anyone life. I need to cancel thes car, I can’t get this to kill my family. You are a big company, how you can do this? Please I need to give up of that, get this danger from my house. I will phone the police. Is not possible for money to push people in danger.

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