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Kushy's complaint against Peter Vardy

Kushy H


Peter Vardy - Edinburgh - Bad Customer Service/Unresolved Complaint

Complaint against Peter Vardy

I am very unhappy with the service with Peter Vardy in Edinburgh Seafield. I made a complaint a month ago and it has not yet been resolved. I have raised this with Grace, Rory in the Services Department and the sales manager Peter Burnside. The whole issue started on the 18th February when I returned the courtesy car. The car which I was given was a white BMW 5 series (SO68 CVY). I told them when I returned the car, on the phone shortly after, that I had left a diamond ring, where it had fallen through to the drivers seat and I was unable to pick it up as it was difficult to get out. I explained this to one of the team members so they clearly understood that it was this ring had great value and if they could kindly return it to me. Later I found out, the following afternoon the car was given to another customer in Fife. I wasn't very happy hearing about this and then realised the car had a full valet done too. I spoke to Grace from Services and explained the situation again, and she apologised and said the car was in Fife and couldn't do anything about it. So I had to wait for a space of 3 weeks before the car was returned. The car was returned but then ended up going to another customers shortly after with another full valet! Regardless of me telling them, please let me see the car before this happens again. This is when I became quite annoyed, as I felt like no action was being taken and was being clearly ignored. Then it happened for the third time. So it took over a month for me to actually see this car. I have been promised phone calls after phone calls, and no one has made any real effort to find this ring. So after the 3rd time, Rory was being quite helpful when I made an unexpected visit to the branch. He took me out to the car, and tried to search for this ring. Obviously at this stage, there was very slim chances of the ring being found. He told me he could try and get one of the mechanics to remove the chair from the car and see if we can find it from one of the hidden spots. He told me this 3 weeks ago, and still nothing has yet happened. I keep getting told the same story, the car isn't yet available. I made a complaint in writing to Peter, and even made a visit to the branch, but all he could do was apologise, and clearly didn't deal with any matter further. I have lost complete trust in this branch. The service has been awful. It has made me think twice about purchasing a car or take any further business with this company.

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