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James's complaint against Peter Vardy

James McKay


Please if you value your time, money, energy and life go elsewhere

Complaint against Peter Vardy

I have purchased two vehicles, and have had nothing but issues with both. Car 1, Clutch vibration, gears difficult to change, aircon not working, scratches, cigarette burn, Dog hair everywhere, smell of wet dog, Tyre pressure warning on dash on pick up, some electrics not working and having the car for 6 days out of 1 month ownership and its still there, Currently awaiting an update as its the 2nd time its been left for the same issues. Car 2, was for for my wife who was pregnant at the time and now a new mother, vehicle had tracking issues, Engine management light came on Peter Vardy assist came out and reset warning car taken to Peter Vardy to investigate, Peter Vardy had car 7 days and could not resolve, light came on again returned and received Turbo repair (£1400 approx.) covered under warranty but took nearly 3 weeks to fix, now has issues with brake and awaiting parts for another repair. This has all been happening since the end of June. Emails to everyone I could find on LinkedIn, Customer service, Peter Vardy's PA, branch managers, Managing Partners and Mr Peter Vardy himself have not resolved or even had a response nor have I been compensated for time, fuel , food as overlapping with Meal times and 2 young children and a new mother. Its gotten to the point were taking a packed meal to visit as know well be there for hours. Over 50 hours wasted with travel, and every time in branch 2+ hours waiting for something to happen, Most management don't want to know, Managing Partner was not even interested, Managers not communicating to each other. Calling the branch and no one calling back ever, having to visit Branch to try and chase up/resolve. There £10 a week deal and half price deals were not honoured either with one calculation wrong and the other non existent, Used sales manager goes on holiday and no one else dealing with these issues. I'm awaiting a response from finance company as they own the vehicles, however anyone who supplied vehicles in this condition should not be in business. Courtesy car dirty, dented scratched, now in my 4th one in less than 2 months says it all. Wife in tears on more than one occasion, we visit that often my 2 year old thinks its a play centre and goes in straight away for his goodie bag and a play in the kids rooms. Have had many dealings with other franchised dealers, but none have ever or in my mind will ever come close to the poor service, goods or attitudes of the majority of colleagues in Peter Vardy. Not all are poor but unfortunately for the ones that help and are kind of supportive they are in the minority. Please if you value your time, money, energy and life go elsewhere. If you don't listen to this and many other honest reviews read up on your rights, contact Consumer advice, and prepare to sink in most of your free time to resolve

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