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Christie's complaint against Peter Vardy

Christie Neil


Salesman completely disinterested..shocking service!

Complaint against Peter Vardy

So I arrived earlier than my appt time after asking to view and test drive a particular car I had seen online and was interested in buying. The showroom was freezing where I was told the heating was broken and they were waiting on a part. I was then taken out to the wrong vehicle which the salesman said was the one on the website. It clearly wasnt. Registration, mileage and engine size were completely different. No apology given. After an awkward silence i was taken to a desk and left sitting for ten minutes where the salesman returned telling me he had no explanation about this vehicle and could not confirm any details on it and neither could the manager. So we looked at alternatives online for about 2 minutes where the salesman got bored. He got up and left again and the manager came over and asked if I wanted a new car! The salesman sat down with no conversation. Totally awkward. I sat in that showroom for 2 hours for nothing! I couldn't wait to leave. Disgraceful service and no test drive carried out. I had never been to Peter Vardy before and I will not be back. I received a phone call a week later, through routine and not interest may I add. He had no suggestions for me and clearly had not been looking or researching for me which he said he would do resulting in losing a potential customer.Terrible experience and waste of my day. I will not be back.

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