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Sian's complaint against

Sian Smith


Scammers. Please avoid booking with this company!

Complaint against

Despite the many negative reviews and the fact that they are more expensive than some of their direct competitors, I took a risk booking an intensive course with this company, as I was looking for lessons and a test at relatively short notice. Before booking I sent several emails to ensure that they had availability for the dates I required. I was told that I would be able to start on the 16th April. Not could or might. Would. I didn't just take a risk and go by the dates on the website, I contacted them directly and they said, in writing, they had courses available for those dates. Only it was a lie. Then it was maybe the next week, then maybe the week after. Then it was suggested I could travel to another area to take lessons, but they wanted me to agree to it without telling me where or when those lessons would be! (It started as central London, then maybe Bromley or maybe Croydon or maybe Mitcham – I live in Kent, I don't think it was unreasonable to know where I would be expected to travel to before committing, given this could be a four hour return journey by public transport and I was meant to be having lessons in my home town). When I complained they just fell back on their terms and conditions to cover up the fact they lied and said they had availability when they didn't. Never did they hold up their hands and say sorry, just sent snarky emails. It was all a scam to get my money. Do not book with them. This was not to do with test availability, which I understand could be out of their control, but to do with their instructors. They couldn't even tell me a date in the future when their instructors would be free, they are very poorly organised and set up. Also look carefully at the positive reviews on here. You will see that many of them are from the instructors they hire, not customers. It seems to me a way of falsely bumping their score, with people they actually work with. This company really screwed me over. They get you in by falsely advertising they can provide a service that, more often than not, they can't. By the time they finally admitted they couldn't fulfil their side of the contract and I got my refund, it was too late for me to go with another company in the time I had available. I have now lost out because of this. Had they been honest from the start I would not have booked with them. This company is a disgrace and should be ashamed of themselves. Believe the bad reviews and book with anyone else.

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