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Eric's complaint against Pure Rally

Eric Scully


Complete waste of money

Complaint against Pure Rally

So I booked pure rally with three of my friends thinking it will be the trip of a lifetime ! WRONG!! Firstly the stickers that were promised never arrived until we got to the meet up point where it was windy and had to put them on in a rush ! One of the organisers even started to slap the stickers onto my mates Audi and made an absolute state of it. Then comes the convoy or should I say what convoy ! The organisers just took off and left everyone to fend for them selves. So onto the first location ! The go karting was extremely unorganised aswell as the “provided parking” which they had organised with security was a 20 min walk from the hotel and the best part was that you had to pay! Onto the second day the organisers just left the hotel with out regrouping and again left every one and not telling us where to go! So we drove up to Dublin in our own convoy where we had a few stops along the way! Arriving at the hotel was again a disappointment where we then had our awards meeting the awards gathering. “Spirit of the rally” was given to someone who was not even there most of the time and this was extremely frustrating when every one knew who should have gotten it. funny thing is , the award was a free pass to the following year which as no surprise never took place HERES THE BEST PART So after the awards we went to the “pure rally party” where there would be “models to party with us”. So the excuse was that the models had a problem with there passports, ya all of them! Then onto our private venue which was not booked at-all leaving us once again in Dublin City to find our own place to go. There was also to be a after rally video which we were to be able to see but the thing is to get a video they would have had to be there for one and two they would have actually had to pay the videographer! YES that’s right the videographer never actuallly got paid for his trip to Ireland. NOT ONLY THAT but he got left on the side of the road when he was being brought home left to pay for his own travels and to fend for himself! HE WAS NOT THE ONLY ONE TO GET PAID EITHER. So model of the story is if you want to fend for your self , burn your money and have people left out of pocket go for pure rally

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