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Jason's review of Pure Rally

Jason King


Great time no issues

Review of Pure Rally

Not sure why people complain on sites like this thinking its going to help them if you have an issue deal with the company as the only person who can fix your issue is the company you have a problem with. I have done 3 Pure rally events over the last 4 years and most likely will do one again in 2019. Pure rally is what it says it is on the tin the price covers the hotels the parties and the go karting and bbq for the UK events. I have not done a Europe event yet so can't comment on that but the 3 UK events i have done have had zero issues and have made lots of new friends from doing the events and had a great time each time. Reviews are reviews and only by taking part can you really see how good something is I enjoy it and look forward to doing my 4th Pure rally. Remember with events sometimes things don't go to plan that's why it's called an event and companies big and small sometimes get it wrong but it comes down to how you deal with it at the time. to really get a feel for Pure rally check out the past movies there all over youtube so clearly shows there doing a good job to have done over 50 years in 6 years. look out for me in my MK1 Golf :) all the best and maybe i will see you on a rally one day if you are reading this

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