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Antonio's complaint against Pure Rally

Antonio Sorzano


[RESOLVED] - Refusing to pay my refund. Terrible

Complaint against Pure Rally

I am beyond disappointed with the level of professionalism on the part of pure rally. The trip I paid 450 pounds for (the Nurburgring rally) had been cancelled a week prior to the leaving date. I was told I would have my money returned to me up to three weeks after the rally was due to set off. I waited for weeks, then called them only to be told that "the team that deals with refunds is only available on a Friday". I called them again at the end of the week, they said that the individual that can help me is busy on another line, and will have to give me a call back. I was not allowed to hold and wait. Of course there was no call back. I called them again, and unfortunately that team had gone home. This has now been the pattern for three consecutive weeks, they do not call back, then they are unavailable. I am at a loss as to where to turn next. They have refused to provide me with any information, not even any indication of when I should expect my money back, and say that all they can offer me is a call back. I have sent emails to the owner, no response. I will be seeking further action at this point, as there is no hope of getting past the receptionist, who is clearly running paying customers around in circles and procrastinating, for what reason I do not know.

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Pure Rally resolved this complaint

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Antonio Sorzano | | VERIFIED

Sophie Barclay | | VERIFIED

sorry, it took so long but sadly we do not control the client account so it does take time for refunds to get issued. We are very happy that your matter is now resolved.
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