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Agnieszka's complaint against Pure Rally

Agnieszka Kawasaki


[RESPONDED] Scammed out of 400 euros

Complaint against Pure Rally

We attended Pure Rally Monaco in August and it was great fun (due to wonderful people that we met) not the appalling organisation skills of the owner - Mel. We were promised party in Monaco which never happened! On top of that, he didn't settle the bill for the final hotel and all 50 cars are still waiting for their 400 euros back as we were charged directly by the hotel. We have been promised refunds on a number of occasions but nothing has materialised to date. Extremely poor customer service! The owner is now moving to the USA with our 20,000 euros, so we have little hope of getting our money back!

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Sophie Barclay | | VERIFIED

Thanks for your review as you know the hotel billed everyone's card and pure rally has dealt with getting everyone refunded and most people where refunded last week. when you have an issue with a company the only way to get the issue fixed is by working with that company in regards to Monaco we had 2 parties listed and we had you stay in the Fairmont which is one of the nicest hotels in monaco.

Agnieszka Kawasaki | | VERIFIED

I'm in touch dozens of people from the rally and so far no one has been refunded including us so please do not lie. We tried working with the company by contacting Mel who's the owner but he treated us like we were the criminals. We had our money stolen from us back in August and it's nearly November now. Pure Rally is a joke not a business!

Sophie Barclay | | VERIFIED

so the company stole your money and put it's hand's in your pocket but before you said the hotel had taken it. we will not be replying back to your lies anymore and recommend you email [email protected]

Agnieszka Kawasaki | | VERIFIED

That just sums up Pure Rally. No apologies, lets blame the customer instead. We paid a security deposit of 400 euros at the hotel to cover the cost of the bar and charges to the room. We did not use those services so we're waiting for a full refund. Due to the fact that Mel did not settle the bill with the hotel, hotel kept all of our money.

Agnieszka Kawasaki | | VERIFIED

Mel then lied to us by saying that he has paid the bill after all and we will be receiving our money back from the hotel. As we were staying in the area for another 2 weeks, we visited the hotel who categorically dismissed Mel's claims and said that they waited enough time and that we should be claiming our money back from Mel as they won't be refunding anyone.

Agnieszka Kawasaki | | VERIFIED

Ever since we were given promises from Mel that we will be issued a refund in 2 weeks, then another week, then 3 weeks. We have sent him our bank details in August and just want our money back! One way or another we had our money stolen / we were conned out of our 400 euros. Despite your claims, I know at least 2 dozen people who also still haven't been paid!

Agnieszka Kawasaki | | VERIFIED

Please do not patronize me and call me a liar because we have not done anything wrong and again are being treated like garbage I will post this feedback wherever I can until we all receive our money back, I have the right to warn others of your unsavory practices.
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