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Rob's complaint against Goldcar

Rob Millington


[LAPSED] Additional charges unexplained and very costly (Cobertura Super)

Complaint against Goldcar

I picked up my car from Goldcar in Majorca a couple of weeks ago and have recently received a refund on the deposit I put down. However I noticed quite a big difference between what I got back and what they have charged my credit card. On arriving to pick up the car, the woman checked that I had already paid everything, then confirmed that I was paying a deposit that would be refunded providing the tank was returned full. Also that the card would be used in the event of a collision for excess. However when I get back home I see I have been charged 156€ for "Cobertura Super" which wasn't once mentioned or translated. Also 15€ for Mega Relax Cover and 25€ for "C. Extra V. Diesel". So almost 200€ of extras that haven't been refunded to my card. I already had a Damage Excess Waiver paid for so didn't need that and god knows what the rest of its for. I'm so angry. The extras cost more than the car hire itself! This is crazy and must be illegal! How the heck do I go about getting my money back. Ridiculous.

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Lapsed. Rob has not responded in 90 days

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Victoria Rumside | | VERIFIED

Hi Rob, We are aware that third parties offer customers their own coverage, as in your case, but it should be explained that this coverage is only applied when a charge is debited from the deposit left by the customer which in your case was 1400€. As alternative we offer our cover which is a complete different product. Thank you. Regards, Victoria R. Goldcar Representative

Rob Millington | | VERIFIED

The problem is your staff are saying the money I am paying on the credit card is a REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. The details are not explained verbally, are on the contract, which is slide over in a folder, that you are not asked to physically sign. Its a sly trick and you know it. Then we get home and find out we have been stung by your trick. You are spoiling peoples holidays and should be ashamed.

Victoria Rumside | | VERIFIED

Hi Rob, I'd recommend you to open a formal complaint with our customer service deparment as they can contact with the office and investigate your case: Thank you. Regards. Victoria R Goldcar Representative
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