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Frank's complaint against Goldcar

Frank Moser


[RESPONDED] cobertura super goldcar ripp off

Complaint against Goldcar

I had booked my rental fully prepaid including all insurance without any self deductible. at the airport in Palma de Mallorca the agent told me that i have to pay for gas and a deposit which both if would get put back on my credit card if i return the car with a full tank! i told the agent clear and explicit that i had paid for everything up front and i do not need any insurance nor any other service! but she said it is just a deposit i get it back after i return the car! few weeks later i check my credit card statement to see that only the money for the gas was put back on my card but not the so called deposit! i googled cobertura super goldcar and found out i am not the only one who got cheated! after many phone calls and emails from gold car saying that they cannot refund any money for the insurance that i signed up for and bought at the counter i gave up. i told them many times that signed that insurance in the believe that i will get the money back and not knowing that it was an insurance. i am sure the agent at the airport new exactly that she is cheating me! this was not a misunderstanding!!!

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Victoria Rumside | | VERIFIED

Hello Frank, I am very surprised with your message. Our staff will always offer the 2 options as this is our company's policy. Also, on the same contract that you have signed, we explain the charges and the Cobertura Super is explained in english even if the contract is in another language. Thank you. Regards, Kindest regards, Victoria R. Goldcar representative

Frank Moser | | VERIFIED

Hi Victoria, your message comes across very arrogant! But I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you did not understand my message or simply not read it properly... Did you understand that I explicitly told your agent that I do not want or need any service but they forced me to sign and had me believe that this was just a deposit and not mentioned the word insurance at all?

Victoria Rumside | | VERIFIED

Hello Frank, I have read all your complaint and that's why I mentioned that our staff always offers the 2 options as they have to follow the company's policy. We have spoken with the office staff and they explained again that they explain the options to the customers and, unless there was some kind of misunderstanding, they also mentioned it to you. Thank you. Regards. Victoria R.

Frank Moser | | VERIFIED

hi victoria, as i wrote already above this was not a misunderstanding! i could not have been any more explicit about not wanting any other insurance as i was already fully covered! and your agent could also have not been anymore clear about saying this is just a deposit that i would get when returning the car!! NO MISUNDERSTANDING here! when do i get my money back??
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