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Velimir's complaint against Goldcar

Velimir Micic


[LAPSED] Deceptive charges, deceitful advertising and poor customer service!! Wouldn't recommend to anyone!

Complaint against Goldcar

I have reserved a rental car through as I normally have been doing for the past 7 years and never have I come across such an awful experience as with Goldcar. The price I believed I had payed through was for rental and additional full comprehensive insurance. Coming to the very busy counter where people were climbing over my head (literally) the representative acted what only seemed well drilled process, playing ignorant and busy routine and has not explained anything to me regarding the additional charges I was to incur as a result. The have charged me C. Offic. Premium charge for apparently using the office inside the airport (that is like charging a patron in a restaurant because he sat down and ordered a meal in a restaurant), Cobertura Super and Mega Relax cover which I never had asked from Goldcar or agreed to. I took out comprehensive insurance from like I always do as I never had any issues with them, always spot on and always willing to help. I was only refunded for Fianza Tarjeta charge. Overall, they advertise cheaply so people book with them and then they slap you with charges at the counter. I was led to believe I singed for my deposit to be frozen during the rental period but not for additional charges, but because the entire receipt was in Spanish I was lost. Customer service playing a tough line and never answered directly my queries but merely saying 'oh you have enjoyed super insurance cover unknowingly' therefore we cant help you. Disgusting, dishonest and thieving behavior. Stay away. I am still not getting anywhere with customer service.

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Victoria Rumside | | VERIFIED

Hello, The additional coverage is always applied as an alternative to leaving a deposit (or in case of a debit card, charging it) starting at 1100€ for possible damages. The Premium office charge is something mandatory for all the reservations with collections inside the airport. All this should be explained during the booking process and on the voucher. Thank you Regards. Victoria R

Velimir Micic | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Velimir Micic | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Victoria Rumside | | VERIFIED

Hello Velimir, please note that our customer support department always answers to every customer's query. Please bear with them as sometimes they might take longer to get back to you due to high demand. Thank you, Victoria R Goldcar Representative.
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