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James's complaint against Goldcar

James Clifton


[RESPONDED] Extra charges after returning hire car at Gerona airport

Complaint against Goldcar

I hired a car through Goldcar for two weeks with my family in August. After returning the vehicle I have been charged for two separate costs which I strongly dispute. I was charged 150 Euros for a cleaning cost for the inside of the car. I returned the hire car in a good clean state. I had paid to hire a car for two weeks in a hot dusty country, I was aware of the policy before I returned it, hence I had vacuum cleaned the car the morning when I returned it. As I have stated, the car was returned in a good state. If that is disputed, then Goldcar need to try and show me the photographic evidence that suggests differently. I was also charged an extra 55 Euros after i returned the car for fuel. My fuel policy on the contract I signed at the Gerona airport office (and i still have a copy of it) states in the observation section "Includes fuel tank costs and quick return system logistical fees. Unused fuel will be refunded". I should therefore not have been charged for any fuel after returning the car. On top of these charges, Goldcar as a company have been a nightmare to deal with to dispute these charges. They do not reply to emails. They say they can't deal with issues over the phone, but they do not provide any contact details for someone who can. I and my family have been using this company regularly for several years, but I see no reason to ever use them again due to the way i have been treated.

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Victoria Rumside | | VERIFIED

Hello James, All our cars must be returned in the same state as they were rented out. We have performed a grade 3 cleaning which costs 150€. We should have the pictures on file. As for the fuel, we have made a change in the policy and we only block the deposit and charge the used fuel refunding the rest. Please contact us via Thanks, Victoria R

James Clifton | | VERIFIED

Hi Victoria, The car was returned clean as stated and I have contacted you on that link asking for photographic proof and noone has replied, please send me the photos. As I also said, my contract states "..unused fuel will be refunded". (i.e. Not you charging me money!!) I have my contract and can provide you with a copy. Please respond with contact details of someone who I can speak with.

Victoria Rumside | | VERIFIED

Hello James, I can assure that your query has been received and our Customer Service will contact you shortly. Thanks for your understanding. Kindest regards, Victoria R.

James Clifton | | VERIFIED

Hi Victoria, I look forward to your comapny's reply. So far Goldcar's response has been extremely unsatisfactory to a client who has used them regularly for several years. Thanks Thanks
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