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Natasha's complaint against Goldcar

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Complaint against Goldcar

INTER RENT / GOLDCAR (they also call themselves GOLDCAR on some websites so be aware) they are the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with extremely rude staff. Very stressful experience. I wish I reviewed them before hiring a car from them. We paid online what seems to be complete and the total amount to pay to hire a car in Maderia. There was also an option to pay an extra £7 a day to take out insurance through the broker which we paid for. On arrival of picking up the car it seemed that the insurance is completely invalid according to Interent/ Goldcar hire. They charged us a further €40 for giving us a full tank of petrol which is non refundable regardless of whether you bring back a full tank or not, a further €70 deposit for the petrol in the tank, which will be refunded if you bring back a full tank (the car was a 1.2 litre there is no way a full tank cost €70). We used 3/4 of the tank and filled it back up just before giving it back as we did not want to give this company a single penny more. The cost of 3/4 was €42 so no where near €70. And they wanted a further €186 for their insurance policy or a €1200 deposit on a credit card. Which they rudely stated if you do not wish to pay the €186 for the insurance policy then out of the €1200 deposit 1 scratch on the car will cost €600. The car had several bumps and scratches from previous customers that clearly shows they are not using the money to repair the cars. She also said that the credit card company will charge us interested fees as they hold the deposit for 30 days which will incur fees with the bank I couldn’t believe how rude she was being, it was like she was suggesting that they purposely hold your deposit for a long time so that we incur interest charges just so that we would pay the €186. We just wanted to cancel the car hire but was completely trapped and had no choice but to continue with them. The staff are extremely rude about it all, they really want to up sell their insurance policy which clearly doesn’t get used to fix their cars. The cost of hiring this car in total WAS NOT cheaper than hiring from a more reputable company in the end. I regret using them and will never again use them STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS. I will be spreading this comment where ever I can. They also have 7.4 trustpilot rating on their website this is a complete lie I’m not sure how they get away with that in fact I’m not sure how they are allowed to get away with any of this.

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