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Paula's complaint against Goldcar

Paula Slack


[LAPSED] Forced to take out insurance

Complaint against Goldcar

On collection of our car from Ibiza Airport we were forced to take out the additional insurance which we did not want as I had purchased Damage Refund Insurance when I purchased the car hire through Arguscarhire. The guy at the desk was very rude and unhelpful and told us that if we wanted to take the car we had to take out the insurance. I tried to tell him I had purchased insurance but he wouldnt let us go. You could tell he didn''t want to be talking to us and was abrupt and unprofessional to say the least. We eventually left with the additional insurance as we had been delayed in landing for 40 minutes and had sat on the tarmac of the runway for 1.5 hours due to a storm and at this point just wanted to get to our accommodation as our two children of 4 and 1 years were tired and hungry. I spoke to the lady who was at the car collection point and she said we could sort it out later. When we returned the car we were told to go to the desk in the terminal but we didn''t have time. I phoned Argushire who said that this shouldn''t have happened as we were covered and to call Goldcar direct. I phoned Goldcar customer services and they too have said that this is not what should have happened and to open an incident. The man I spoke to was very helpful and apologetic. I have contacted Goldcar several times but they have said they have conducted an investigation and are unable to take further action. I have emailed them again on 09/09/2017 requesting a full refund for the insurance but are yet to receive a reply.

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Lapsed. Paula has not responded in 90 days

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Victoria Rumside | | VERIFIED

Hi Paula, We have encountered similar situations but it was due to the fact that the card that the client had was a debit and they wouldn't accept us to charge the amount of the deposit which starts at 1100€. In this case the only other way is to purchase our cover. Our customer advisors will be looking into your case and reply via email. Thank you. Regards, Victoria R Goldcar Representative

Paula Slack | | VERIFIED

Hi Victoria, I had more then enough credit on my credit card and was not given the option of putting down a deposit, hence my compliant. I will await an email from Goldcar. Regards, Paula

Paula Slack | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Victoria Rumside | | VERIFIED

Hello Paula, please note that our customer department always answer to every customer's query. Please bear with them as sometimes they might take longer to get back to you due to high demand. Thank you. Regards, Victoria R Goldcar Representative

Paula Slack | | VERIFIED

Hi Victoria How much longer do I need to wait???? I first contacted Goldcar on 19th August and am yet to receive a response from my last email dated 9th September to your Customer Services email address and from your reply on here. This is by no means a satisfactory response time. I would appreciate a answer within a week as this has been going on now for nearly 3 months. Paula

Paula Slack | | VERIFIED

Hi Victoria Is 5 months enough time to have waited for a response???? I would appreciate a response within a week. Regards, Paula

Victoria Rumside | | VERIFIED

Hi Paula, Our customer service team usually responds within 48 hours unless the volume is too high. Please open a new query via this link: We hope you will get a response in a very short period of time. Kind regards, Victoria R. Goldcar Representative.
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