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Jimmy's complaint against Goldcar

Jimmy Arnott


[LAPSED] gold car ripped me off with unwanted insurance that I was unaware of,

Complaint against Goldcar

Goldcar added unwanted insurance without warning, they took 1203 Euros off my credit card at the time of hire, tried very hard to sell me other insurance that I was already had, was refunded a few days after returning home but only 1150 Euros, when I complained they replied that I had signed for everything and that I should have said at the time that I did not want the insurance, everything was in Spanish

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Lapsed. Jimmy has not responded in 90 days

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Victoria Rumside | | VERIFIED

Hi Jimmy, We believe there must have been some misunderstanding as you did leave a deposit of 1203€ therefore no additional coverage was added. We offer an additional cover but always as an alternative to leaving a deposit. The difference could have been some extras, fuel or taxes. Please have another look at the contract and let us know. Thanks, Regardsm Victoria R Goldcar Representative

Jimmy Arnott | | VERIFIED

I had no other option but to leave 1203 Euro, normally when I hire a car no money is actually taken, this is the first time that this has happened, I was not made aware that extra insurance was added, your staff make things very difficult for the customers, look on the internet and see for yourself the amount of complaints and warnings about your company, you are lying cheating people, FACT

Victoria Rumside | | VERIFIED

Hi Jimmy, please note that our customers are offered both options as explained previously and it is their decision to decide for our optional coverage or to leave the excess deposit just as stated on our T&C. Thanks, Regardsm Victoria R Goldcar Representative
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