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Lesley's complaint against Goldcar

Lesley Sage


[RESPONDED] Goldcar rip off

Complaint against Goldcar

Holiday car rental at Malaga Airport December 9th collected keys and paperwork, which showed two dents on car. Went to collection point and found other damage to vehicle, tried to advise goldcar representative, not interested and told us to go back to hire desk. Went all the way back and they stamped paperwork with our additional crosses on, but we're not at all interested or helpful. Return of vehicle arrived airport endeavoured to get a goldcar representative to check car back in. Totally ignored - went to check in desk twice only to be told someone is checking, told then there is not to be answered very rudely maybe he's in toilet or on another floor. Put your keys in the box and go - your paperwork is your evidence. Three goldcar representative then turned up we asked them to check the car, rudely told we only drive the cars put your keys in the box and go. We had no alternative as we had to make our flight. Two days later an email to say €600 damage which we 100% refute - the email is a no response email address. DO NOT USE GOLDCAR they are fraudsters.

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Victoria Rumside | | VERIFIED

Hello Lesley, Please note that if you have reported the new damages on the damage sheet and returned the car with new damages that weren't marked at the time of the pick up, then I'm affraid you will be liable for them. As our agent mentioned, the sheet you had is the proof of all the damages the car had. Please open a formal claim via our Goldcar Help center and we will happily look into it.

Lesley Sage | | VERIFIED

We did make the agent aware of the damages and have a countersigned document to verify this but it made no difference to our experience of retrunring the car and we ou ripping us off. We still gave the document. You are fraudsters and rip off innocent people. Any excuse not to admit fault on your behalf.

Lesley Sage | | VERIFIED

Meant to say we still have the documents but makes no difference to you ripping us off

Lesley Sage | | VERIFIED

And the ironic thing is that the Goldcar representative that we made aware of the extra dents spoke perfect English when we picked up the car but on returning the car she advised us in Spanish "I speak no English" if put on an identity parade I could easily pick her out

Victoria Rumside | | VERIFIED

Hello Lesley, Could you please open a complaint via Please provide the check out form and ask our customer service team to investigate the damage that was on the car and the one marked on the sheet. Also, they have the pictures of the damage, you can request them Thank you. Kindest regards, Victoria R. Goldcar representative

Lesley Sage | | VERIFIED

We have completed the claims form, but it does not allow us to upload our evidence of Goldcar paperwork or our photos. This again is hindering the process - we also want to ask the process to allow an independent assessor to view the vehicle and the process to see the documentation of the price of the t o be carried out (which we did not do) so this can also be verified.

Lesley Sage | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Lesley Sage | | VERIFIED

Goldcar why are you not responding?

Victoria Rumside | | VERIFIED

Hi Lesley, In case you cannot attach the pictures please ask our customer services to provide you with an email where you could send them to and they will be attached to your original claim. Thank you. Regards, Victoria R. Goldcar representative

Lesley Sage | | VERIFIED

Please provide the email address accordingly thanks

Lesley Sage | | VERIFIED

You still have not responded to my message above, along with my previous request on 29th December regarding your processes. Why are you blatantly ignoring me? Perhaps it will be more beneficial fiorme to come in and see the manager. I can then bring paperwork and photos. Please let me know when this will be possible. A response would be appreciated.

Lesley Sage | | VERIFIED

Still no response arriving Wednesday shall I go to the Goldcar desk and wait until seen or will you be providing me with a name who to see? It would be appreciated if you could respond to all my queries - I will not go away until I have a satisfactory outcome. Many thanks

Victoria Rumside | | VERIFIED

Hello Lesley, I'm sorry but I cannot provide an email as we are the socialmedia department and you are in contact with the customer services. If you open a claim and ask for a email, they will provide it to you. Thanks you, Regards, Victoria R

Lesley Sage | | VERIFIED

Another excuse, don't your departments have the technology to collaborate with each other? Ok then please provide mail address and contact name. Thanking you in advance.
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