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Jenna's complaint against Goldcar

Jenna Ward


[LAPSED] Goldcar taken €319 for damage - photos prove it wasn't our vehicle & for an aerial staff removed!

Complaint against Goldcar

We hired a car through Ryanair for our holiday in Valencia, Spain from 27/10/17 - 3/11/17. This rental service was allocated to Goldcar. When we arrived at the Goldcar desk at valencia airport my husband (the driver), was made to sign check out paperwork with damage to the vehicle indicated on it without seeing the vehicle to verify it. We had to give a credit card for the €1470 deposit as required (later shown as £1419.72 on the credit card statement) before seeing the car. On collecting the vehicle we conducted a vehicle inspection and took photos of existing damage. We noticed there was additional damage to that which was recorded on the check out paperwork we had been given, including a damaged aerial (antenna). My husband reported it to and verified this with the member of staff at the Goldcar desk in the car park at Valencia airport. She came and did an inspection with us and recorded the additional damage, while informing us that any marks 5cms or less were not of any concern and would not be documented, including the existing marks less than 5cms. She also removed the damaged aerial, intending to replace it but found they had none in stock, so just left the vehicle with it missing. My husband (the driver) signed a tablet with what was supposed to be an updated checkout 'paperwork'. He received no copy of the updated version unfortunately. We checked the car back in on the morning of 3/11/17, with a full fuel tank as required, before the office was open, approx 5am, by way of a key drop. When the security deposit was refunded we only received £1046.14. Short £373.62. On the 7/11/17, 4 days after the vehicle was returned, my husband received an email from From: "[email protected]" which simply said: Dear customer, Thank you for trusting Goldcar Rental for your car hire. Attached is a message of interest to you. Kind regards, Goldcar Rental Attached were 2 photos, the first of which is a close up photo of a shallow scratch to the paintwork, near the wheel arch and close to the edge of a panel. The second was a photo of the front of the vehicle we hired. There was also a pdf document attached with a refund statement. The refund statement listed charges for the antenna and rear wing. We of course tried to get in touch with Goldcar. I couldn't access their online complaints system as it required a contract number and client number to login. Our paperwork only had a contract number. The email my husband received was from a no reply address. He responded to this email via their email address [email protected] and via a customer feedback survey, stating everything above and attached multiple photos he had taken of the vehicle we hired at the inspection we did. And requesting that they refund the outstanding money owed to us. The photo Goldcar provided of the damaged panel appears to be of a different vehicle as the shape of the vehicle rear panel is different to the Citroen Picasso we hired. Despite sending them the photographic evidence, Goldcar responded to the email on 14/12/17 saying that they are satisfied that the damage occurred during the rental period. There is a restrospective check in document that has costs on it The total was for €318.76. €8.89 office premium €23.14 diesel - despite the fact that we returned the vehicle with a full tank of fuel €30 antenna - which was removed by the member of staff before we took the vehicle €250 aleta - for the rear wing (which I believe was not the same vehicle based on the photo evidence) €6.73 Tax In summary: We are 100% certain that the damage pictured on the photo did not occur on the vehicle we hired during our hire, and that it was not present when the vehicle was returned to valencia airport. Furthermore that the damage shown on the photo provided by Goldcar is not actually of the vehicle we hired. Also the aerial had already been removed and the fuel tank was full. Therefore we are owed a minimum refund of 303.14 Euros. I assume the office premium charge is as a result of these false claims and as all of those charges should not have been made we are due a full refund of €318.76.

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Lapsed. Jenna has not responded in 90 days

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Victoria Rumside | | VERIFIED

Dear Jenna, Thank you for contacting us. Could you please provide the booking number as we will check all the documentation from here? Thank you. Kind regards, Victoria R. Goldcar Representative.

Jenna Ward | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Victoria Rumside | | VERIFIED

Dear Jenna, Thank you for providing the booking number. After reviewing the case again with our customer service department we have confirmed that the charge was not applied correctly. The antena indeed, was removed by our agent and the damage seems to look like a continuation from another part which was damages. I hope you are happy with this. Thank you. Regards, Victoria R.
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