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Overcharged amount with Goldcar leaves a bad taste in my mouth...

Complaint against Goldcar

After arriving at Malaga Airport, I was pressurised into taking out an insurance with this company even though I already had insurance with AXA which I purchased the same time when ordering the hired car for my family holiday. As you can imagine after standing in a very busy line/had young family members waiting - I felt pressurised into leaving a deposit which I was told refundable on return but found out today when looking at my bank account the deposit is NOT in full. I was given a small portion of monies back which does NOT cover the deposit left. Whilst bringing this to your attention I would like to know WHY I was charged Cobertura Super and other additional fees? The car was signed off (written proof and pictures taken by myself) that there was NO damage to the vehicle and a FULL tank of petrol, which was requested when the vehicle was returned. I have proof of original emails and the Goldcar receipt/contract. Please advise asap of your intent to help/advise me on what Goldcar is going to do to return MY monies back.

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