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Emir's complaint against RAC

Emir Afzal


Car damaged by RAC recovery! and are completely denying anything even happened! have pics and video!

Complaint against RAC

This was the first time my car would not start hence the call to RAC. After a short while, an RAC operator came to check the vehicle, and concluded the starter motor had packed in and the car would need recovering to a garage. Due to the car being an automatic (the car is stuck in Park when the engine is off and neutral can not be engaged) the RAC operator had called a 'RAC Agent', a company that goes by the name of 'TFSmiths', as he could not tow it. After some more time, the RAC agent had arrived, he also concluded the car was 'so called' stuck in park and he would have to drag the car on to the recovery truck using 'plastic ski's' which are wedged under the back two wheels. After warning me he would not pull the car by its axle due to potential damage it could cause, he said he would use the tow hook from the front of the car. He got a screwdriver from his truck and tried to pry open the cover, he then chipped away half a 5 pence worth of paint! he tried rubbing it, and then looks back at me, thinking that i wasn't looking! I said to him, 'I just saw what you did!', he completely ignored me. Now he tries his first attempt at 'winching' the car on to the truck, as i stand watching on the footpath next to him, the car veers closer to the kerb, and i shouted stop stop! it was too late, the drivers side rear wheel had hit the kerb, I showed him and he said 'there is nothing i can do about it', he then attempts to pull the car away from the kerb in the other direction. His third attempt ends up with the wheel completely making contact with the kerb and being dragged against it until the car was winched on to the truck. I looked at him in shock, and I told him he had just damaged the wheel!, he said he will take a 'note' of it. Finally we arrive at the garage, I got out first to look at the car, as I thought the worst was over, I noticed that he also had incorrectly put on the wheels straps on the rear wheels!, this meant the straps arising from the truck floor were constantly rubbing/chafing against the rear bumper on the journey to the garage and had caused damaged as well as rubbing the paint away ( I have picture evidence of this and the paint had also transferred to the straps on the truck). As soon as the car was removed from the truck, the operator was wanting to leave quickly, I reminded him of the damage, he said that you have to call RAC about this, and he logged this into his computer 'damage to rear wheel and 'bumper scuff' exactly as its written. I called RAC, left them a message, and i was sent an email stating that 'the damage was already there previously' so RAC are unable to cover this! Never mind the stress I had from my broken down car, I was fuming that this was the response I got from such a reputable company! I have several photos, with date stamps on my iPhone, showing my car in the several different places, and on the truck, and the damage which is clear as day on the HD camera, the car had not been washed, so the damage is easily highlighted to anyone. I am so shocked, to how they have dealt with this situation, I am paying a premium amount to RAC as I travel for work. I am a trusted healthcare professional working for the NHS and I think this is an absolute disgusting way of being treated by anyone, I do not see why I should have to pay for damage caused by someone else? my questions are: 1-Are they allowed to get away with this? 2-Who else can I complain to? 3-Are my pictures/video and me being a witness to all of this not enough evidence?

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