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Cheyvonne's complaint against RAC

Cheyvonne Bower


Invoice Dispute

Complaint against RAC

I have an RAC business account covering 2 vehicles for breakdowns at home, roadside and onward travel. We have used the account with no problems for nearly a year. A driver broke down on the motorway and called RAC saying he thought he had ran out of fuel. They said it was no problem and would send somebody straight away. Whilst waiting, the driver was helped by police to the nearest services and got some fuel, at the same time the RAC caught up with him and basically watched him re-fuel before departing. A few weeks later i was invoiced for £114.88. I called to enquire about the bill and was told this was not covered. I asked where in the terms and conditions was this stated and they could not find it. They emailed me a while later saying that on page 10 it states that 'breakdown' means the vehicle is inoperative and/or has ceased to function as a whole as a result of a mechanical or electrical failure including any failure of the battery but not as a result of a road traffic accident, fire, theft, flood or act of vandalism. I don't see how this makes it clear that running out of fuel is not covered and if it isn't, are they not obliged to inform us of that when we ring, before dispatching a recovery vehicle? What are we paying for if they can use random quotes from the terms and conditions any time they dont want to pay?

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