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Steve's complaint against RAC

Steve Forrest


Poor service and charged for unrequited services.Taken to unwanted destination and left

Complaint against RAC

I have a full package with the RAC. I broke down after going through a ford and reported this to them. The time was approx 18:30 on a Sunday evening and my family was with me, including two children and a dog.My car was partially blocking the road which was unlit. Upon my initial reporting call I was informed that "flood damage" is not covered and if recovery was required I would have to pay a substantial fee. They would however attempt to get me going prior to this. I did not really process the flood damage reference as my concern was the immediate issue of my car being unseen. After a substantial wait in the wet and cold, a contract recovery vehicle turned up and started to prep for recovery. No fault finding or attempt to start the car was carried out. I questioned this and the recovery driver said the car is locked up by water in the engine. He informed me of the cost of recovery. This was a lot less than I had been told on the phone by RAC during the natal call. I asked how to pay and the driver said I would need to pay direct to the RAC The car was recovered and me and my family were on board. I now called the RAC to discuss why driving through a ford on a public road was classed as flood damage and options of were to take the car. The RAC told me that if I read my contract flood damage is defined and that due to my circumstances I was not covered and thus liable to the recovery. I queried this and the operative told me he would check and call back. When I received the call I was then told that the price the driver had quoted was wrong and I would need to pay substantially more. The price was a recovery charge and an additional mileage fee priced per mile. At this point I was already recovered and ready to move. When I informed the operative this he said I needed to pay immediately. His tone was very uproot and frankly rude. I said I would pay when I got home and had documentation to hand. The call ended. We started on route to my parents as this was substantially closer and therefor the cheaper option if payment was required. Because I did not pay a message came through to the recovery driver to stop the recovery and drop me at a safe location. The driver then took me and my family to a closed service station miles from any where and started to unload. During the recovery I rang the RAC agin to resolve the situation and was placed on hold. It was now 22:00 and I had limited phone life and was very distressed. I asked to bespeak to a manager and I was told a manager would call back in 5 minutes. I had no call. During this call my wife called the recovery vehicles HQ direct and payed them £96 to recover me approx 8 miles. The RAC did ring back nearly an hour later after I got to my parents. I logged a complaint. I have attached the email traffic to this message. Upon inspection the next day the battery was discovered to be flat and ounce charged the car started. Not flood damage or difficult fault to diagnose with the correct tooling. Ultimately I want my money back but i also believe the service I received is unacceptable. Secondary to this incident the initial complaint was not logged correctly and I received no further information and had to call a further time to initiate thr complaint again. I appreciate your time and any help or advice would be gratefully received.

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