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Rabinder's complaint against RAC

Rabinder Lail


Rac - Failed processes

Complaint against RAC

My complaint is about Rac and there failed processes for a call out. I called put rac initially because I had got stuck in a ditch this led to me calling rac. I was then called by a contractor who stated that the recovery would cost me. Therefore I was given option to call them back if I wanted to go ahead with price they quoted. Therefore left to me to initiate contact should I require job. I was able to get the car out with support from a friend and due to the car being started constantly and revved my fuel had been used and I had only made it to fuel station that the car cut off and being a diesel the engine had switched itself off too. I filled up and realised that it needs waking up to start again. Therefore rang rac again to say that this was the case and that the original job was not needed and that contractor had been told I would call back to see if I need the job. The rep took my details of my location and also that the car needed waking up. I was told that they would get a contractor out who would be quicker and would be within 60 mins. I therefore rang the contractor to see if they had been passed the job. They explained no the job had not been passed and to ring rac. Therefore I rang rac again, only to be told that the rep was sending messages of the job to contractor and that the contractor had messaged back to ask my location which I gave again having already given it on my previous call to book the job and the rep had also googled my location and got the postcode. I then waited and called the contractor who said they don't have a job for me and that I need to ring rac. I rang on two times where a person put me on hold and the line went quiet. I had another call that cut off and when I got through to someone else it felt like I was speaking to a robot who began to state a time that had not been explained to me at all. They were blaming weather conditions I was in Leicestershire where the snow had disappeared by now and the roads were clear. I then got through to another rep who explained that the job had gone up and he would be passing my complaint further. He also heard the fuel station worker getting angry with me as my car was stuck at the filling pump. I then continue ringing and a manager rings me to say that it was due to the weather unless the person is coming from Scotland to my breakdown there was no issue with weather where I was. I explained the issues and the manager did not want to accept this and being my complaint. She stated that she would listen to callcalls and call me back. However this never happened I then called the day after to ask about this complaint and got told nothing has been sent and then a rep tells me about the issues rac have had with their processes and the technology to ensure the jobs are inputted correctly. I then get told a manager would call me back tomorrow and again no phone call. I called again to ask and get told to email customer care which could've been told to me on the day of breakdown. I email customer care who send me multiple emails over a week asking questions singly when they could have got all the information required in one email. This shows how a multi million pound company treats it customers as the investigation the customer care rep actually suggested I was at fault through her response with out actually saying it for the whole thing when I was the one broken down and completely reliant on them to help me. Yet I would have had access to their processes and also direct the inputting of jobs.

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