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james's complaint against The AA

james beatty


AA complaints department incapable if dealing with complaints!

Complaint against The AA

The AA told me that my radiator had blown when they inspected my broken down car at road side in September. They then charged me over £220 to fit a new rad. They fitted the new one incorrectly using the old plug instead of the new one that came with the new rad. So of course water just poured through the bottom. Engineer put it down to a cracked expansion tank and towed me home. Next day bought a new expansion tank but still water pouring through. AA come out again and cannot diagnose problem so tow it to one of their 'approved ' garages for repair. The garage discover that the wrong plug was used and charge me £120 for fixing the problem. Also they tell me that the rad the AA sold me for £220 is available anywhere for £85. I put claim into AA for the money I spent at the garage fixing their unbelievable incompetence plus the £135 that they ripped me off for on the rad. Been over 8 weeks now, every time I call it takes at least 45 minutes of holding to get anyone to pick up the phone then just the usual apologies at how long it is taking and someone will call me shortly. But the call never comes, ever. To date have not received a single call, letter of email from AA about this. My only option now is to go through trading standards and small claims court. My membership is via my bank who I will be telling to cancel when it comes up for renewal. Utterly, utterly useless in every single way that they could be.

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