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Tina's complaint against The AA

Tina Newell


[LAPSED] AA haven't fixed my car they've done the opposite!

Complaint against The AA

Aa called out 1030am Sunday at 11am a roadside assistance van came. I had locked my keys in the car. The mechanic came with tablet opening the bonnet eventually but after a lot of head scratching he told me the car would need to be recovered. He dropped me of along a road near to my house, not to my door and was told to wait. I heard from the recovery within 3 hours. I made my way back to the car to be told there would be a specialist recovery charge of £180. We declined this! My husband then looked on eBay and drilled into the boot to get access to the keys. He did this in minutes. However we came to start the car inithing happened! I called the AA again and the same man came out scratching his head! He decided it needed to be towed but as we had the keys we could straighten the wheels and it would go on a recovery vehicle. So the car was towed back to my address. I emailed and called the aa when I got home at 740pn that evening. I called and emailed the aa again yesterday and again today. They hadnt called me! I need a car!! I called them today and spoke with a very helpful lady who said I would receive a priority call back sometime before 5pm. Whilst running, literally my son to football I missed this one call. I called back the number that had rung to be told it was an outbound call centre and they couldn't help me! I then called the complaints number as show.n on the website and spoke with another lady. I was placed on hold for 8 minutes to be told the person dealing with the priority complaint wouldn't call me back today. Unfortunately the person wouldn't listen to me so I had to shout at her, which was wrong and I then hung up. So another day without a car thanks to the incompetence of the AA! Cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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Lapsed. Tina has not responded in 90 days

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Samantha Ladley | | VERIFIED

Hi Tina, we're sorry to learn of your experience. We believe your complaint has been picked up on one of our other social media platforms and our dedicated customer support team have your complaint. They will investigate this and contact you within 3-5 working days.
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