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[User Deleted]'s complaint against The AA

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Complaint against The AA

On 5/7/17, I was unable to leave a car park due to my key card suddenly not connecting. Called the AA who checked the wiring, but still no good. As my front wheels weren't straight enough, he called a recovery truck, (not AA), who took my car to their yard overnight. Although I called the car dealer at 8.30am the next morning, they called me later that morning to say the recovery truck had brought my car and they weren't expecting it. The truck then returned to their yard with my car. The car dealer couldn't take my car while they ordered a new key card, giving 18/7 as a date, and as I had to pay for storage at the recovery yard, I asked them to deliver the car to my employer's driveway, which they did, but they found the driveway too awkward to manoeuvre. As I was a long way from home, I had nowhere else to put it, so HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO AGREE to them taking it back to their yard. I phoned the AA to request they took it to my home address as per my membership, and this was refused. I was told I had handed the car over to the recovery company, so they should deal with it. I explained I'd no choice as I was away from my home address, but 3 times it was simply repeated that i had handed the car over to the recovery company so it was not the AA's issue. I did get the 3 day free car hire as per my membership. Ultimately, due to the quote from the recovery company being a)over a thousand pounds to take my car home or b)the cost of storage plus the cost of transporting, plus the cost of the key card and coding, I chose to pay the recovery company to take the car where it could be sold for parts. It was an old car, but still roadworthy and looked good for it's age (2004), and I could have part exchanged it for something else. I have tried to call the AA complaints number but the waiting queue is too long - ok if you've nothing else to do, I guess. My membership is about 3 months in, but is not refundable, as I understand it. So I'm cutting my losses. The AA does not have the monopoly on breakdown services and I'll be going elsewhere from now on.

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Samantha Ladley | | VERIFIED

Hi Linda, we're sorry to hear you're unhappy and we'd like the opportunity to look into this for you. Please email our team using [email protected] with the reference FOR90016 in the subject title and please send your 16 digit membership number as well as your contact number and postal address. Kind regards
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