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Sophie's complaint against The AA

Sophie Kelliher


[LAPSED] Horrendous service, lack of communication, took 12 hours to get home

Complaint against The AA

On the 2nd of August we broke down at around 6pm at Junction 10 on the M23. I called to report this after using the AA app as the app wouldn't allow me to process our request online. We were informed of the hour wait time. We were on our way to the airport to collect a friend who had arrived from Kenya, we informed her that the repair man would be with us within the hour and to therefore wait at the airport for us. At past 7 we were towed by the highway agency to starbucks near Hooley. We were told the AA would be with us with no waiting time provided. At 8.15 we got a message saying the AA mechanic would be with us at 9.15. At this point we didn't know whether to pay for a taxi for our friend to join us or to wait to see if a repair job could be done- as recent graduate I don't have the spare savings to spend on taxis etc. The AA mechanic arrived at 8.50 but could not repair the van. We were advised that if we spoke to the flat bed truck driver who was going to tow us home he might be able to collect our friend from Heathrow on route to our final destination in Hinckley. At this point my friend had been waiting for 3 hours at the airport. We were told the flat bed truck would be with us at 10.20. We were half an hour away from Heathrow, he said that it was up to the driver if he would collect my friend from Heathrow or not and there was no way to check until he arrived. If she were to get a taxi to us and the flat bed truck arrived before she got to us he would not want to wait for her to get to us before leaving for our final destination- Hinckley. This information led us to make the decision for me to leave my partner with the van and pay for a taxi costing 52 pounds to get to Heathrow to meet my friend so she was not waiting alone in a foriegn country. We then got another taxi to the Travelodge at Heathrow terminal 5 as this was on route home to Hinckley and hoped this would make it easier for the flat bed truck driver to pull in and collect us. We were told the flat bed truck driver would be with us at 22.20, and then we received a message at 22.30 saying that he would arrive at 23.55. Then we received no more messages from the AA. My friend and I sat at the hotel until 00.15. I was getting concerned due to lack of contact. The fact that we still did not know whether the driver would collect us. The app would not track our breakdown so I had no information to help make a decision, I had no break down report number therefore every time I rang I had to relay the information. I rang the AA at 00.15 and requested information on whether the flat bed truck driver would pick me and my friend up from Heathrow on the way to our final destination, as if not we needed to either book a hotel room for the night or find a way back to the van. The AA representative then informed me that the recovery driver wouldn't be reaching the van until 1.55 and he would not be able to pick us up as they didn't know what route the flat bed driver would be taking. We then spent 48 pounds on getting an uber back to the van. Luckily we arrived a few minutes before the truck driver, otherwise as stated above we were told he would leave without us. Once we arrived the flat bed truck driver arrived and informed us you were organising a taxi to get us from Heathrow back to the van however no one had told us this. Meaning I was now 95 pounds out of pocket. All the people who came to help us where really great. However it did take us around 12 hours to get home. The first flat bed truck driver dropped us off 45 minutes from our house due to the end of his shift at 4.30AM. I feel frustrated because I spent a lot of money on taxis due to the lack of information provided throughout our breakdown. As we were not able to track what was happening I feel we made decisions with minimal information from the AA. In hindsight we could have arranged a taxi for my friend to meet us at Starbucks near Hooley and we would have saved a lot of money but due to the lack of information from the AA this caused money to be spent and time wasted sitting waiting at Heathrow when we could have been sleeping in our motor home waiting for the AA to arrive. This is a lot of money for me to spend as a recent uni graduate and if more information was provided to us I believe better decisions would have been made. Your app does not track incidents when you are prompted to call the AA through the app. Even though I was told that we would be able to. Horrendous service. I wrote a complaint email on the 3rd of August to the AA and have had no acknowledgment or response

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Lapsed. Sophie has not responded in 90 days

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Samantha Ladley | | VERIFIED

Hi Sophie, please accept our apologies for the service you’ve recent had. We would very much like to help get to the bottom of this. Please email the details to [email protected] including your contact number and a copy of this review, your 635601 membership number (If cover is via the bank, just your full address) we’ll chase up the complaint for you. Thank you.
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