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Mr Darren's complaint against The AA

Mr Darren Eddom


[LAPSED] RAC & AA Break Down Policies.

Complaint against The AA

Hi, Several Months Back I took out a Break Down Policy with the RAC, for the Sum of £16:95, which for a Full Break Down Cover was Fantastic, after a couple of Months of Having the Policy ,I was doing my Regular late night Shopping at Asdas. I got home Locked my Car up Grabbed all my Shopping as well as my walking stick and went upstairs to my flat . I got in put all my Shopping away and then I had to go back down stairs to get something out my Car ,only to realise that I've lost my Key so I grabbed my Spare but it would unlock my car but not start it , so I rang the RAC then my Troubles Started they told me I wasn't covered , and it would take me 21 Days to get a New Key Which I I would Have to Pay £120:00 for. They never ever gave me any Compensation for my Trouble I went through or Replace my Key , a friend help me out with a spare key , when I picked my Son up from his Swimming on the Sunday his Friend found my Original Key for me . I the got a Full Break Down Cover Policy with the AA the Full Cover covered Parts and labour costs, Due to my Disability this would help me out in more ways than I could imagine even with my financial Situation, boy was I in for a shock. I called them out on several occasions for my car not starting and the Engineer Advice me to either get my Alternator sorted first or my Front Drive Shafts , I went with my front Drive shafts . I called them again as my Car was smoking, they sent out an Engineer who wasn't from the AA but their sister Company. He advised me that it was the Valve stem Seals on your Main Cylinder Head, I got a second opinion from 3 Garages I knew very well and 1 being my Mechanic for 20 years they all said |NO it's your Piston Rings, so I rang the AA Again they told me to take it into their Recommended Garages so I did. I couldn't get a Curtacy Car because of my Bankruptcy. So I left my Car at the Garage for the Repairs , I came back to the Garage to find out that they hadn't even started the Repairs, that's when my Troubles Started , I rang the AA to find out why the Repairs hadn't Started ,they told me that I had to take my Car to another Garage or my Mates Garage and they had to Strip the Engine Down to the Pistons , to make so that their Independent Engineer could come down and Examine the Pistons and Rings to make sure that it's was an Actual Fault on the Car and that the Car was not Delebiratly Sabbataged. I could not believe my ears. I tried on several Occasions to Contact the AA and plead with them to do the repairs, they told me that as I've been driving the Vehicle the Repair Policy was now Void . My Car is now OFF the Road and I can't go any where I can't do my Shopping , I can't Pay my Bills , I can't go to My Hospital Appointments, I Can't go to my Doctors Appointments, I can't even go to my Councilling Appointments either. I have still not had my car repaired , I've had no Apology off the AA and No compensation either. Many thanks Mr Darren Eddom.

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Lapsed. Mr Darren has not responded in 90 days

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Samantha Ladley | | VERIFIED

We noticed your post and would like the opportunity to investigate this for you Mr Eddom. Please email your membership number including contact number to [email protected] with reference FOR195455 and we'll have someone contact you to address this further. Kind Regards

Mr Darren Eddom | | VERIFIED

Hi, I would lov to give you my AA Membership number , unfortunately I don't have my Card , here is my Full Contact Details. Mr Darren Edrom, 11 Gatwick House , Bransholme. Hull. HU7 4PU .contact number 07528093796 .Thank you .

Samantha Ladley | | VERIFIED

Thanks for your details, we will contact you in due course. We would advise you remove any personal details from public sites. Kind Regards
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