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Geoff's complaint against The AA

Geoff Goy


WARNING TO ALL AA MEMBERS and potential AA members.

Complaint against The AA

Two weeks ago I had to call out the AA to try to resolve a problem with my car. The patrolman 'tried' to fix it (spent most of his time Googling the problem!) then took the car for a test drive, on his own. After he eventually left (having not cured the problem)I noticed a bad dent in the rear offside wing. There was also damage to the rear offside door handle resulting in me being unable to open the door. I called the AA claims dept., who started an 'investigation'. I submitted photographic evidence and an estimate for the repair. After a week they reported that the patrolman denied colliding with anything and that The AA would accept no liability. SO, if you do have to call out the AA and the patrolman takes the car for a test drive, make sure you take photos of the car before and after the drive. Or better still, cancel your membership and join the RAC or Green Flag.

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