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Used car sales are rocketing – here’s which car models (and colours) sell the most

Robin Bowman

Robin Bowman
Jul 18, 2017

Sales of used cars are booming.

The first quarter of 2017 – the latest figures available – show another record rise.

2.1m second-hand cars were sold in the UK, a 3.4% rise on 2016.

That’s the highest number on record for a three-month period. If you're in the market, here's how to buy a used car safely

The growth shows across all cars, diesel, petrol and electric/hybrids, which were up 5.6%, 1.6% and 43.2%.

The mini segment of the market saw sales shoot up by 13.2%, although the biggest sector for sales is still the super-mini.

The huge rise in people ‘buying’ new cars on personal contract purchase (PCP) plans is fuelling the rise of second-hand sales, experts say.

With PCP plans, cars that many people could not normally dream of owning are becoming affordable.

At the end of the payments period – during which buyers don’t own the car and are only paying for the amount of money the vehicle is depreciating by – motorists have three options:

* They can make a ‘balloon payment’ and buy the car outright.
* If the car is worth more than a guaranteed minimum, it can be used as a deposit on another new car.
* Or the motorist can hand in the keys and walk away.

Because the balloon payment tends to be more than most people can afford, they are choosing to walk away, leading to a boom in both the demand for, and the supply of, second-hand cars.

So, which are the best-selling models on the second-hand market – you might want to bear this in mind of you’re either buying a new car and will want to sell it later, OR if you’re buying a used car that you may want to sell on again.


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Top second-hand car models in Q1 2017

1. Ford Fiesta - 101,840 sold 

2. Ford Focus - 94,889

3. Vauxhall Corsa - 91,264

4. Vauxhall Astra - 76,615

5. Volkswagen Golf - 68,192

6. BMW 3 Series - 53,310

7. Renault Clio - 44,094

8. Volkswagen Polo - 39,783

9. MINI - 38,783

10. Audi A3 - 29,005


Top-selling second-hand car colours

1. Silver/Aluminium - 463,959 sold

2. Black - 432,091

3. Blue - 387,684

4. Grey - 258,390

5. Red - 225,526

6. White - 221,895

7. Green - 66,079

8. Beige/Buff - 13,874

9. Yellow - 13,003

10. Brown - 11,888


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