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Could driving fewer miles mean you pay more in car insurance?

Patrick Christys
Apr 9, 2019

Are you being overcharged for your car insurance because you actually don't clock up enough miles?

Motorists' average mileage has fallen from 8,400 in 2002 to 7,500 in 2017, according to the most recent Government figures.

A staggering one in seven car owners uses their car once a month or less.

Some drivers only use the car to nip to the shops or for the odd weekend away, and it's this group of people who could be overcharged.

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Insurance firm By Miles analysed 2.5 million car insurance quotes on comparison site MoneySuperMarket and warned that the average low mileage driver is being charged £233 more than a higher mileage motorist.

That’s not the cost of insurance per mile – that’s the entire quote.

“Those who don’t drive as much are being treated unfairly,” said James Blackham, co-founder of By Miles.

“They’re being charged more to subsidise the insurance of higher mileage drivers.”

“The current state of play presents motorists with a catch 22 situation – either tell the truth about how much you’re driving and pay over the odds, or lie to get the cost down but risk having your insurance invalidated when you need to make a claim.”

A quick look at By Miles' findings suggests that higher mileage drivers - specifically those clocking up 11,0000 - 12,000 a year - get a better deal.

However, when you actually break down the mileage categories by percentage of quotes, some have very limited data to back them up.

For example, the cheap average quote for 11,000-12,000 miles drivers came from 1% of the quotes By Miles looked at.

When you look at more popular mileage categories, the difference in price isn’t so stark.

Those driving 5,000 to 6,000 miles a year (19% of the survey) had an average cheapest quote of £809, compared to £754 for those driving 10,000 – 11,000 miles a year (15% of the survey).

That’s just a £55 difference; not the hundreds of pounds By Miles claims.

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