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Car vandalism is on the rise - Guess how much it cost UK motorists last year

Nic McBride

Nic McBride
Jan 23, 2018

Almost three million cars were vandalised in the UK last year, costing motorists £1.9 billion. 

That works out to an average cost of repair of £661 per car. 

Vandalism is on the up too - police data shows a 9.5% increase in 2017 compared with 2016. 


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And the problem could be even bigger than official numbers suggest, according to research from Churchill Car Insurance. 

It states that more than one-third (34%) of cases were not reported to the police.

Almost a fifth (18%) of British motorists have now had their vehicles vandalised at some point. 

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Most vandalism cases closed with no suspects

But while 41% of these people believe they know who the perpetrator was, police close more than 60% of cases without ever identifying a suspect. 

Churchill’s research found that victims identified neighbourhood disputes are the most common cause of vandalism, accounting for around 10 percent of cases, while a further 10 percent are blamed on current or former partners and love rivals. 

However, police statistics would suggest that many incidents of criminal damage to cars are the work of children. Over the past three years, 20 percent of cautions for the offence have been issued to youths. 

Steve Barrett, head of car insurance at Churchill, said: “A moment of anger or mindlessness on the part of the vandal can cause victims long-lasting stress and worry and, as our research shows, can cost motorists dear. 

“It’s an extremely unfair act and while not all cases will result in a conviction, we strongly advise victims to report vandalism to the police. If repairs aren’t made to even small scratches and dents, the condition of the vehicle will deteriorate which could significantly impact the resale value.” 


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Thefts up by 30% 

In more bad news, vehicle thefts have jumped by 30% in the past three years. 

Shocking statistics revealed that  85,688 vehicles were stolen in 2016.  

That is up from 65,783 in 2013.  

What makes this even more shocking is that thefts had been decreasing, prior to 2013.  


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