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Praise for A Spokesman Said as Spanish car hire firm finally pays up

Matt Clark
Feb 19, 2018

It's not always a thankless task chasing dodgy dealers and trying to make them do the decent thing...

We’ve just heard from delighted A Spokesman Said user Jenna Ward – who told us she had been ripped off by holiday car hire firm Goldcar.

(The company charged them for a broken aerial they had already pointed out to staff, for damage they didn't do, and for a tank of petrol even though they’d filled it up. The company then tried to prove the case using pictures that were quite clearly of a different car.)

After weeks of getting nowhere with Goldcar and Ryanair – who arranged the deal for them – we managed to get the promise of a refund within hours.

And the good news is Goldcar have kept their word.

Though still shocked at the way her family was treated by Goldcar at Valencia Airport – and the way that even Ryanair tried to fob them off since – she told us: "I can confirm we have received a refund of £274.80 – enough to cover the damage claim, the antenna and the tank of fuel they charged us for."

Jenna, of Chester, said: "I can only say how grateful I am for your help with this and for helping to raise awareness of these shoddy practices.


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"I really am very grateful. It took them around six weeks to respond to –  and dismiss – our initial complaint.

"So I've no doubt how much your involvement helped get our money back.

"Many, many thanks!"

Jenna, it’s a pleasure.

We know there are lots of other victims of dodgy dealers out there – and if you’re one of them A Spokesman Said is here to help. Tell us your story today.